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IPA by Skapánê

End-to-end hyper-automation

IPA by Skapánê automates a process into a single treatment; composed of simple, complex and repetitive tasks.
Using artificial intelligence technologies allows you to reduce processing and response times and increase the operational efficiency of your teams.

With Skapánê, give your customers a seamless, real-time, 100% digital experience !

Our AI algorithms help create a digitalized, secure customer journey at every stage of the customer's request. Interactions between your teams and your customers have never been easier. Decision-making is even easier.

Optimized processing of your input channel
Our API queries each of the input channels for customer requests. IPA by Skapánê handles all types of requests: chat, mail, call, customer area. IPA by Skapánê analyzes all common document formats such as PDF files, scans, images, not to mention smartphone photos.
IPA by Skapánê is the assurance of a controlled KYC before entering into a relationship and throughout the contractual relationship.

Determine your customer profile
IPA by Skapánê :

  • Analyzes incoming request
  • Qualifies the object
  • Processes the supporting documents
  • Checks the completeness of the request and reminds if necessary
  • Detects fraud
  • Performs KYC and inter-document checks
  • Generates an analysis report
  • Submits an assessment of the client’s request

Your teams remain in control of the decisions taken.

Advantages of our IPA by Skapánê offer


Inclusive and Responsible AI


Low code - No code

Sovereign cloud

Schéma IDP

IDP by Skapánê

Automated Document Processing

Our intelligent document processing solution allows you to free yourself from a time-consuming and tedious task. More than 350 types of documents are recognized, including bank statements, proof of address, pay slips, identity documents, amortization tables, medical expert reports, ...

With Skapánê, the analysis of a corpus of documents is a formality!

By capitalizing on its AI engines, IDP automates:

  • Document classification
  • Document analysis
  • Document control

These successive steps are carried out autonomously and within a few seconds!

With Skapánê, the study of a documentary corpus is child's play!

IDP by Skapánê :

  • Type more than 350 categories of documents
  • Cuts documents (automatic scissors)
  • Extracts key data
  • Checks the consistency of intra-document information
  • Raises alerts

All requests are processed without loss of service quality.

Advantages of IDP by Skapánê



Sovereign cloud

Inclusive and Responsible AI

Deep learning

Low code - No code



Compliance and regulation

Due to the risks associated with increased process digitization, businesses and public services are increasingly required to be vigilant. This vigilance translates into ever-increasing costs related to responding to the regulator, control and monitoring requirements, and new uses.
To meet the expectations of current regulations such as the GDPR and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) require the implementation of automated procedures facilitated by the integration of technologies such as AI. It favors the implementation of a risk management and fraud control policy.

An efficient and economical solution

Our solutions include modules on :

  • KYC: document fraud
  • AML/CFT: asset freeze and PPE
  • Operational controls: generic and specific
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